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Spree Chewy-1lb
Chewy versions of Spree which are fruit-flavored disks with a candy shell. They come in the origi..
Aquarium Candy Fish-1lb
These Aquarium Candy Fish are colorful and have a shiny coat. They are pressed in the shape of fi..
Assorted Bon Bons Hard Candy-1Lb
Assorted Bon Bons are classic hard candies filled with sweet fruit flavor. Each piece is individu..
Baby Face Pacifiers Candy-1lb
  These Baby Face Pacifiers Bulk Candy are colorful and have a shiny coat. They are pres..
Baby Face Tears Sour Candy-1lb
  These Baby Face Tears Bulk Candy are colorful and have a shiny coat. They are pressed ..
Bit-O-Honey Hard Candy - 1lb
A bag of bite-size pieces of the original Bit-O-Honey candy, individually wrapped. Bit-O-Honey ha..
Bleeps Tangy Candy-1lb
  These Bleeps Tangy Bulk Candy are pastel color and loaded with sour sweet tart flavors..
Blue Sour Gummy Cola Bottles, 1LB
 Blue Sour Gummy Cola Bottles is a mouthful to say, but infinitely easier to consume as a sn..
Bonz Candy-1lb
Bonz candy are coated hard candies shaped bones. This adventurous mix includes orange, cherry, wa..
Boston Beaked Beans -1lb
These are the crunchy and sweet coated peanuts that are often found in bars and vending machines...
Butterscotch Discs Hard Candy - 1lb
Butterscotch Discs are an old-time classic hard candy and  where originally made in Scotland..
Canada Mints Peppermints-1Lb
These old-fashioned white mint lozenges are a truly classic treat! These mints are the perfect wa..
Canada Mints Pink Wintergreen-1Lb
Pink Wintergreen Lozenges deserve a place in the candy Hall of Fame as they are one of the oldest..
Canada Mints Spearmint-1Lb
These old fashioned light green spearmint lozenges are truly a classic treat! These lozenges are ..
Candy Cigarettes, 1 Box at 24 Count
These are the old-time ones that come in boxes that look just like packages of cigarettes! Can..
Almonds Blanched-4lbs
$39.95 $34.99
Almonds Raw-4lbs
$36.95 $34.99
Almonds Salted-4lbs
$39.95 $34.99
Almonds Slivered -4lbs
$39.95 $34.95
Almonds Unsalted-4lbs
$39.95 $34.99
Apricots Turkish-4lbs
$37.96 $29.99
Brazil Nuts-4lbs
$49.99 $43.95
Cashews Raw-4lbs
$35.96 $32.50
Cashews Salted-4lbs
$35.95 $32.50
Cashews Unsalted-4lbs
$39.95 $32.50
Chocolate Bears-4lbs
$35.95 $29.99
Chocolate Rocks-4lbs
$31.95 $28.99
Dried Tart Cherry-4lbs
$53.95 $47.99
Gumballs 0.62 inch-4lbs
$18.99 $16.99
Hazelnuts -4lbs
$39.99 $51.95
Hershey Kisses-4lbs
$32.95 $26.95
Jordan Almonds-4lbs
$31.95 $24.99
Jordan Almonds-4lbs
$31.95 $24.99
Macadamia Nuts-4lbs
$61.99 $61.99
Mixed Nuts Raw -4lbs
$39.95 $36.95
Mixed Nuts Salted-4lbs
$39.95 $36.95
Mixed Nuts Unsalted-4lbs
$39.95 $36.95
Organic Mango-4lbs
$59.95 $49.99
$51.95 $44.95
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