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Bit-O-Honey Hard Candy - 1lb
A bag of bite-size pieces of the original Bit-O-Honey candy, individually wrapped. Bit-O-Honey ha..
Bleeps Tangy Candy-1lb
  These Bleeps Tangy Bulk Candy are pastel color and loaded with sour sweet tart flavors..
Bonz Candy-1lb
Bonz candy are coated hard candies shaped bones. This adventurous mix includes orange, cherry, wa..
Boston Beaked Beans -1lb
These are the crunchy and sweet coated peanuts that are often found in bars and vending machines...
Butterscotch Discs Hard Candy - 1lb
Butterscotch Discs are an old-time classic hard candy and  where originally made in Scotland..
Canada Mints Peppermints-1Lb
These old-fashioned white mint lozenges are a truly classic treat! These mints are the perfect wa..
Candy Cigarettes, 1 Box at 24 Count
These are the old-time ones that come in boxes that look just like packages of cigarettes! Can..
Chick-O-Stick Nuggets - 1lb
Chick-O-Stick is the classic All-American candy with crunchy roasted peanut butter and flaky toas..
Chocolate Peppermint barks-1lb
Each delectable piece of Peppermint Bark is handmade from layers of rich, peppermint-flavored dar..
Chocolate Sprinkles-1lb
Chocolate Sprinkles makes every day a party. Chocolate Sprinkles makes everything more ..
Chupa Chups Lollipops-1lb
Fat-free, Creamy, Fruity Pop The perfect pop for banks, doctor's offices, dentists, beauty salo..
Cinnamon Imperial Hearts-1Lb
A truly bold taste, Cinnamon Imperials are great for baking, snacking, decorating and sharing! ..
Cinnamon Imperials-Red Hots-1Lb
A truly bold taste, Cinnamon Imperials are great for baking, snacking, decorating and sharing! ..
Cotton Candy Bite Size Candy-1lb
Cotton Candy Bite Size Candy will satisfy your sweet tooth with a cotton candy shape and cherry, ..
Crushed Peppermint Candy Cane-1Lb
Candy canes can also be a surprisingly fun ingredient to bake with. They are a great way to infus..
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